Cashing In: Some Of The Best Actors And Actresses Who Ran Away With The Highest Pay For Just One Movie

Making a movie is a tedious process. There are many mobile parts, and as such, there are usually things that could go wrong. A movie may not even make it past the drawing board, but it might not even earn that much if it does. There has been a list of films that were good in concept but failed to deliver as the moviegoers’ expectations were not met. Be that as it may, did you ascertain that specific actors have negotiated that whether or not a film reaches the big screen or not, they still get paid their fee? Who could these people be?
Listed below are some of the most financially rewarding movies that made their lead stars very happy. Making a movie is a risky move, and hence producers must display excellent money management skills. On the other hand, actors are also very busy, so they want to dedicate their time to those who earn them the most money. Well, take a look at how much they gathered from these and how they did it.

Emma Stone | La La Land

Born and raised in Arizona, Emma Stone started acting when she was just a child. She appeared in the theatre production of The Wind in the Willows in 2000. While working on film or TV allows for a retake, being live on stage is another story. With this kind of training, Stone became a hugely successful actress, appearing in movies like Easy A, The House Bunny, and In Search of the New Partridge Family.

With the degree of talent Stone has shown so far, it is not surprising that she would be paid $26 million for La La Land. As expected, she also won an Oscars for the said movie. We can say that the years 2016 and 2017 were the best two years because she was not only able to prime herself as a career actress, but she also earned a large sum of money. For sure, fans are looking forward to her next big project.

Ryan Reynolds | Six Underground

Most people know him as Deadpool, and in terms of what gave him fame, this is the movie that did it. Apart from the highly successful title role in Deadpool, he also appeared in Woman in Gold and The Proposal. Ever the versatile talent, he also lent his voice to animated films like Turbo and Croods: The New Age. Given his fame, it was only a matter of time before he received an award for his own engraved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He achieved this in 2017.

When he was a fledgling actor, Reynolds only made $150 a day. Now, with Six Underground, he was paid $27 million, according to Variety. If he ever had student loans, he could more than pay for them. The Michael Bay-directed movie is all about six billionaires who decided to turn vigilantes, and it was a fascinating watch that hooked the audience. Did Batman perhaps inspire it?Arnold

Schwarzenegger | Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Now retired as a bodybuilder, there is no denying that the former Governor of California still boasts a ripped physique. He holds credit for being the most recent Republican governor of the state. Prior to his stint with politics, Schwarzenegger was an actor known for the Terminator series. Even deeper into his past, he was a bodybuilder who started lifting weights at 15 and winning the Mr. Universe title at 20. He could probably easily beat most Olympians at the prime of his career.

According to Slate, Schwarzenegger received an offer for a third reprisal of his role in the Terminator series. The production team agreed to accept a handsome $29.5 million pay or play fee for the actor. That means that even if the movie did not materialize, he would still get that amount. As it were, the film was released in 2003 and drew $433 million in worldwide earnings.

Jim Carrey | The Cable Guy

If there is an actor who can afford to make us giggle effortlessly, that is Jim Carrey. He has been a fixture in the comedy scene that he usually performs in movies demanding such a role. However, he is not just limited to comedy as his wide range of acting skills can also conquer dramatic films such as in The Number 23 and Man on the Moon. Given the degree of acting that he showed on The Man on the Moon in 1999, we can say he is a pretty good dramatic actor, too.

What may come as a surprise is that Carrey received $20 million not for the usual comedy roles but for The Cable Guy. True, it saw advertisement as a comedy, but the dark undertones gave it a different spin. According to Screenrant, this was a deviation from the typical movies Carrey appeared in. Still, the salary of $20 million set a precedent for how much other actors in similar best-selling roles would receive.

Will Smith | Bright

Two-time Academy Award nominee Will Smith has had his fair share of movies to his credit. Unsurprisingly, some are blockbusters, such as Men In Black, Ali, and The Pursuit of Happiness. Moreover, he has also tried out several genres, including comedy and drama. We are sure that every time his name appears on the posters, that movie sells out.

Given this fact, the producers behind Bright, where Smith took on the starring role, plan to pay him $35 million for the sequel. So this movie has not happened yet, but the payment terms have already seen settlement. It isn’t apparent if the deal is like that of Arnold Schwarzenegger, where he would still receive whether the movie is released or not. Nevertheless, considering how Hancock made $629 million, partly due to Smith’s appearance, $35 million is peanuts. Indeed, Smith is a leading icon in how dynamic and successful a Hollywood actor should be in various movie genres.

Tom Hanks | Saving Private Ryan

Considered the fourth highest-grossing actor in North America, Tom Hanks has undoubtedly made his mark. His films have earned more than $4.9 billion in North America alone. This winning performance started when he took on a series of comedy films such as Splash and A League of Their Own. He gathered media attention and was given more roles, eventually landing big projects like Apollo 13, Captain Phillips, and Sully.

Apart from acting, Hanks is also active in both the political and philanthropic circles. He has made significant charitable donations to the Republican party, too. He is also very vocal about his stand on many issues. Hanks was confident enough to have his lawyers negotiate “act now, get paid later” deals with his excellent commercial record. One of them was with Saving Private Ryan. The move proved to be profitable as the actor earned $40 million in income, investments and royalties combined.

Cameron Diaz | Bad Teacher

Now almost 50 years old, Cameron Diaz remains easy on the eyes. She has been a Hollywood darling for the longest time and has been an established actress since she started in 1994 with Jim Carrey in My Best Friend’s Wedding. Her films have also grossed over $3 billion in the US, making her the highest-paid actress aged 40 and above in 2013. With a comedy or romantic movie lineup to her name, Diaz took a turn with Being John Malkovich and showed she could also do drama.

Diaz probably took from the playbook of other actors and adopted a get-paid later scheme. She received a mere $1 million for the movie Bad Teacher but racked up as much as $40 million total from royalty. Her financial advisor must be pleased seeing how Diaz showed considerable adeptness at handling her money and making it grow.

Daniel Craig | Knives Out

We’ve primarily associated Daniel Craig with his role as James Bond, as they say, once a Bond, always a Bond. He started this role in the Casino Royale movie released in 2006, and that appearance brought him to international fame. Seeing the excellent reception from moviegoers, Craig received three more installments of the film, and a fifth one is already in the works. What others might not know, though, is that Craig also appeared in the mystery-comedy Knives Out.

The mystery part is Craig, alright, but the comedy part is challenging to come to terms with just yet. Nonetheless, the actor was reportedly paid $100 million for two movies, $50 each. With that investment money in the bank, Craig’s future now boasts a stable outcome. So long as he does not make any unnecessary expenses, he could even consider retiring. More importantly, the bond actor will indefinitely receive royalties for taking up the mantle of the famous British spy.

Leonardo DiCaprio | Inception

Leonardo DiCaprio is unquestionably one of the most celebrated and most recognizable actors in the film industry today. He’s appeared in many unconventional roles, and he usually appears in biopics and period films. Moreover, DiCaprio’s films have been able to gross over $7.2 billion worldwide. With his success as an actor, he’s placed a whopping eight times in the annual rankings of the highest-paid actors in the world.

DiCaprio reportedly earned over $50 million from his celebrated acting credit in the blockbuster 2010 film Inception. In the film, DiCaprio played the role of “Dom Cobb,” and renowned film director Christopher Nolan directed it. DiCaprio’s $50 million-payday also included television sales and home video. Interestingly, Leo took a pay cut because he thought that the movie was too “risky.” However, he and Nolan eventually agreed to split first-dollar gross points.

Jack Nicholson | Batman

You could say that Jack Nicholson has been one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood for the past five decades. As an actor, Nicholson was able to play a wide range of starring or supporting roles. The list includes his roles as romantic leads, comic characters, anti-heroes, all the way as a villain. Besides a career filled with acting credits, Nicholson is also famous as one of the highest-paid actors of all time.

One testament to Nicholson’s earning potential as an actor came in the 1989 film Batman. He reportedly received $6 million upfront to play the role of the villainous “Joker,” in which he could deliver a masterful performance. Nicholson could also secure a lucrative deal that allowed him to earn from box-office earnings and merchandise sales. All in all, it’s estimated that he made over $50 million from the film and its sequels.

Johnny Depp | Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

There’s certainly no question that Johnny Depp has been one of the premier actors in Hollywood over the past couple of decades. He’s played several lead roles in a good number of films, and he’s also received his fair share of awards. Besides awards, Depp’s movies are one of the highest-grossing films in Hollywood in recent history. In turn, it’s not surprising that he’s earned a spot in the highest-paid actors in the world.

One film that allowed Depp to receive a massive payday was the 2010 movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Depp reportedly earned over $55 million from his lead role in the fourth rendition of the Pirates series. You could say that with that kind of salary, Johnny Depp won’t be needing any payday loans for the rest of his life. All in all, Depp reportedly earned a combined $300 million from the entire Pirates series.

Adam Sandler | Netflix

Adam Sandler has undoubtedly been one of the biggest names in Hollywood during the 90s, 2000s, and 2010s. He first started as a member of Saturday Night Live, and he quickly gravitated into starring in various comedy films. Today, Sandler holds acting credit in countless films, and he’s also received a good number of accolades as an actor. Moreover, he’s one the highest-grossing actors in Hollywood as his movies earned more than $2 billion at the box office.

Sandler recently signed a lucrative deal with the streaming giant Netflix. He reportedly got paid a whopping $250 million for just four movies. Doing the math, Sandler earned over $62.5 million per movie, and interestingly, Netflix renewed the deal once again back in 2017 for four more films. It looks like Sandler’s salary and status as an elite Hollywood actor won’t go dry and fade anytime soon.

Harrison Ford | Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Harrison Ford is another individual on our list that’s one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. He’s appeared in multiple iconic film franchises, including Star Wars and Indiana Jones. In turn, he received countless awards and recognition for the roles he played in both franchises. Interestingly, awards aren’t the only thing that he managed to receive from his lead roles; he also took home a boatload of cash.

In Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Ford reportedly earned over $65 million from the movie alone. He received a massive payday to entice him to come back for a fourth Indiana Jones film. Moreover, Paramount also agreed to a deal that splits a considerable portion of the movie’s earnings between him, producer George Lucas, and director Steven Spielberg. Without a doubt, Harrison walked away from a more prosperous man from the film, and you could say that he won’t have any problems acquiring any investment he wants.

Sandra Bullock | Gravity

Speaking of elite Hollywood actresses, Sandra Bullock is constantly on top of the list. Bullock has been one of the most sought-after actresses in the film industry for the past couple of decades, and she’s received praise for her exceptional acting prowess. Moreover, Bullock also managed to bag several awards and accolades. Interestingly, she has also been one of the highest-paid actresses in the world.

One particular massive payday that Sandra Bullock enjoyed came from her performance as “Dr. Ryan Stone” in Gravity. Bullock reportedly received a $20 million payment upfront to play the role, which is undoubtedly an impressive salary on its own. However, the deal also included around 15% of the film’s box office revenue, which allowed her $20 million earning to skyrocket up to $70 million. With that kind of money, you could say that this elite actress won’t be needing any payday loans anytime soon.

Robert Downey Jr. | Avengers: Infinity War

Robert Downey Jr. has transformed into one of the most celebrated and most recognizable actors in Hollywood. You might have seen him play the credit role of “Tony Stark” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he’s also been able to play roles in other films. Besides being a renowned actor, RDJ is also one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood today. You could say that he’s living a lavish life that’s similar to his on-screen counterpart.

Downey has also been the highest-paid actor of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. His massive earnings are due to the lucrative deal he negotiated, allowing him to receive backend profits. Interestingly, RDJ reportedly earned $50 million for appearing in the first Avengers film in 2012. In 2018, RDJ was able to walk away with a whopping $75 million for his Avengers: Infinity War performance. More importantly, RDJ can now enjoy a comfortable and luxurious life without having to worry about money problems.

Tom Cruise | Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Speaking of elite Hollywood actors, the list wouldn’t be complete without Tom Cruise’s name on it. Cruise has been one of the premiere actors in the film industry for a couple of decades, and he’s been able to star in several blockbuster movies. Moreover, he’s received his fair share of awards and accolades as an actor. Besides the recognition and countless acting credits in his resume, he’s also one of the highest-paid actors in the world.

As a testament to Tom’s exceptional earning power, he made $75 million from one movie alone. Tom’s $75 million-payday came in the 2012 film Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Interestingly, the film and its salary allowed him to sit on top of Forbes’ most powerful and influential actors list back in 2012. Today, he appears in movies and continues his trend as one of the film industry’s top-earning talents.

Keanu Reeves | The Matrix Trilogy

There’s no question that Keanu Reeves is one of the most popular actors in the world today. Keanu has appeared in several films, including Speed, Point Break, My Own Private Idaho, and many more. Without a doubt, Keanu’s most outstanding acting performance came in the Matrix film franchise. It’s allowed him to become a household name, and it’s also allowed him to bag a good number of awards in the process.

Besides awards and recognition, The Matrix franchise also allowed Keanu to earn hundreds of millions of dollars. Reeves reportedly earned over $250 million for three The Matrix films. That’s an estimated salary of $83.3 million per movie, making him one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood of all time. You could say that Keanu won’t need any payday loans to buy anything he wants anytime soon. More importantly, the actor will be able to fund his expensive motorbike hobby with no problem.

Bruce Willis | The Sixth Sense

Bruce Willis is a renowned actor who’s primarily known for his exceptional work as an action star. He’s appeared in several explosive movies with hefty budgets, such as 12 Monkeys and Die Hard. He’s also appeared in other blockbuster flicks such as Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. Besides an illustrious career filled with acting credits, he earned the right to be among one of Hollywood’s top-paid actors.

Bruce’s most lucrative acting performance came in the iconic blockbuster The Sixth Sense. Willis reportedly got an initial payment of $14 million before filming. It’s undoubtedly an impressive amount, but he was able to earn even more. All in all, he took home roughly $100 million for his work and contributions to the film. Not only is his $100 million his largest payday ever, but it also remains as the highest acting salary of all time.

Dwayne Johnson | Red Notice

Dwayne Johnson is unquestionably one of the most famous actors in the film industry. He’s appeared in several films over the past few decades, and interestingly, he’s also managed to become one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors. With his massive earnings from his acting salaries, it’s not a surprise that he quickly has been able to grow his fortune into an astounding $320 million. With a net worth like that, he won’t have any need for house loans anymore.

In 2019 and 2020, Johnson has been able to take credit as the world’s highest-paid actor. With this fact, it’s reasonable to expect that his massive net worth will grow even more as the years go by. Recently, he made $23.5 million alone by starring in the upcoming Netflix film Red Notice. As he continues to appear in various films, it’s reasonable to expect that his salary as one of Hollywood’s sought-after actors will increase even more.

Mark Wahlberg | Deepwater Horizon

There’s no doubt that Mark Wahlberg is one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood today. He’s been able to carve a successful career filled with acting credit in highly anticipated films. Besides an illustrious film resume, Wahlberg also managed to win countless awards. Today, Wahlberg is consistently one of the highest-paid actors in the film industry. Indeed, Wahlberg is an excellent example of an actor who worked hard to achieve his current stature in the industry.

One of Wahlberg’s biggest paydays as an actor came in the 2016 movie Deepwater Horizon. Deepwater Horizon is a film about the unfortunate oil spill situation in the Gulf of Mexico, and it also stars actors Kurt Russell, Kate Hudson, and John Malkovich. Wahlberg reportedly earned between $15 million and $17 million for his performance in the renowned film. Besides a hefty payday, Wahlberg was also able to take home numerous acting accolades, which included a couple of nominations for an Academy Award.

Ben Affleck | Daredevil

Ben Affleck has been one of the most sought-after leading actors in Hollywood for the past few decades. Further, he appeared in memorable blockbuster flicks such as Good Will Hunting, Argo, Pearl Harbor, and many more. Indeed, Ben is an individual who takes high regard as one of the most skilled actors in the entire film industry. He’s been able to win a good number of acting awards which includes multiple Academy Awards.

Affleck certainly deserves a ton of credit as he has been able to establish himself as one of the most celebrated leads in the industry. With this fact, he has been able to command large paychecks consistently with ease. One of his biggest paydays as an actor came in the film Daredevil and Gigli. While neither film was able to perform successfully in the box office, he was able to earn $11.5 million and $12.5 million, respectively.

Vin Diesel | Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

You probably know Vin Diesel for his credit role as “Dominic Toretto” in the Fast and Furious film franchise. Besides Fast and Furious, he’s also been able to appear in various films throughout his career. Some of his most notable performance credits include the XXX and Chronicles of Riddick film series. Interestingly, his biggest payday as an actor came in his performance as “Groot” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Diesel has been taking on “Groot” in the MCU since the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1. Since then, he’s been able to reprise the role in other films such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and the last two Avengers films. Playing the role of “Groot” and saying the line “I am Groot” repeatedly proves to be a profitable acting gig, as Diesel was paid around $54 million in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Akshay Kumar | Kesari

Aside from being Bollywood’s biggest earner, Akshay Kumar is the fourth highest-paid actor globally. In the list Forbes released in 2019, Akshay Kumar comes after Dwayne Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, and Robert Downey Jr. More importantly, the actor received a handsome $65 million from June 2018 to June 2019 for his notable appearances in Kesari and Mission Mangal. The actor also has credits in upcoming movies such as Housefull 4, Good News, Laxmmi Bomb, Sooryavanshi, and Pandey.

The Bollywood star had also parlayed his success as an actor to endorsing more than 20 massive brands such as Fau-G, GOQii, Honda, Nirma, and Policy Bazaar. Akshay Kumar is a recipient of Filmfare awards such as Best Villain for his performance in Ajnabee and Best Comedian in Garam Masala. He also received the coveted National Film Award for Best Actor for his roles in Rustom and Airlift.

Lin – Manuel Miranda | Hamilton

The imminent rise of alternative video streaming services has been apparent for the past few years and is gradually replacing cable television. One of the most awaited shows by Disney+ is the Broadway show, Hamilton. Reports say that the streaming giant bought the rights from Lin-Manuel Miranda for $75 million; this degree of wealth had placed him in Forbes’ compilation of highest-paid actors in 2020. The Hamilton star reportedly has massive earnings in 2021 for the film adaptation of one of his musicals, In The Heights.

It is worth noting that Miranda was a recipient of a Tony award for his work In The Heights along with a Pulitzer Prize and a staggering 11 Tony Awards for Hamilton. He also received a Grammy Award and an Oscar nod for his composition How Far I’ll Go in Moana. Without a doubt, Miranda and his family will stay comfortable and well-provided for generations to come.

Jackie Chan | Vanguard

Jackie Chan was one of the most ubiquitous actors that Hollywood has once seen. However, the actor has not had a notable blockbuster for the past five years but has earned more than $50 million from June 2019 to June 2020 (a considerable addition to his $350 million net worth!). With substantial knowledge on the business side of filmmaking, the actor has managed to land a spot in Forbes’ wealthiest celebrities.

The famed martial artist sees reports to have starred in five movies, including Vanguard, since 2019. If you ask anyone who’s their favorite Chinese actor, 9 out of 10 would say, Jackie Chan, a testament to his legacy. Aside from his earnings from films, Jackie Chan has investments in the film industry, in food and gyms, and his companies Sparkle Roll and Talent International. It is worth noting that the actor is the chairman of the Chinese People’s Consultative Conference, which contributes to the success of businesses in China.

Brad Pitt | Fury

Brad Pitt is among the most recognized and undisputed A-list actors Hollywood has seen the grace of. The actor earns a whopping $20 million per film. The Fury star also has credits for producing movies such as Kick-Ass and Eat, Pray, and Love through Plan B Entertainment. With a net worth of over $240 million, the actor and producer had his humble beginnings in the horror film Cutting Class in 1989.

A few years later, starring in Legends of the Fall paved his way to Hollywood success. Brad Pitt was recognized as People’s Sexiest Man Alive, not once, but twice. He earned critical acclaim as an actor and several award nods for his roles in Babel, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Inglourious Basterds, and Moneyball. In 2013, Brad Pitt won an Oscar for his work on 12 Years a Slave as a producer and another for his performance in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood in 2016.

Mel Gibson | Lethal Weapon 4

The actor turned director Mel Gibson has earned over $30 million for his role in Lethal Weapon 4. The actor cemented his name in Hollywood for his influential roles in action films such as Lethal Weapon and the Mad Max series. In the following decade, Mel Gibson ventured into directing. He took credit as an Award-winning Academy director for his work in Braveheart and was subsequently successful in his directing stint with the Oscar-nominated film Hacksaw Ridge.

Aside from earning a handsome amount as an actor, Gibson also runs his own production company, Icon Productions, which grossed over $1.3 billion worldwide. Gibson’s most recent appearances were in 2017 with Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, and John Lithgow in Daddy’s Home 2. He had also hinted that there might be a fifth installment in the famous Lethal Weapon series. Indeed, fans are as excited to know what Gibson’s net worth would like and what his next film will be.

Chris Hemsworth | Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel movies are known to have turned their actors into superstars in the movie industry, and it goes without saying that investments in these actors aren’t cheap. Since the earliest movie releases, most actors have started with modest salaries in their earliest roles to make eight-figure salaries in the present. One of these actors is Australian heartthrob Chris Hemsworth, who was paid $150 thousand for his role in Thor.

However, it is worth pointing that the Aussie actor received $15 million for starring in Thor: Ragnarok. He is currently the highest-paid Marvel Cinematic Universe star, making a jaw-dropping $76 million in 2019. Indeed, Hemsworth’s cinderella story in the film industry is nothing short of extraordinary. Aside from his roles in the Thor franchise, Hemsworth also swung his hammer in a related feature, The Avengers. The actor also has leading roles in Snow White and the Huntsman, Rush, and In the Heart of the Sea.

Scarlett Johansson | Avengers: Endgame

Scarlett Johansson has made it again as the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. At 34 years old, the actress has earned $56 million from June 2018 to June 2019 for starring as Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For her credits in Avengers: Endgame, she reportedly made $35 million and will probably make more in her standalone Black Widow movie. However, there is a large gap between the highest-earning female stars and their male counterparts.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Johansson proclaimed that this gap is a significant problem, that it is a “conversation about feminism in general.” Interestingly, Johansson’s sentiments on this matter have yet to receive any negative backlash from reputable sources. Before her success as Black Widow, the Avengers star began as a child actress in The Horse Whisperer. Eventual successes include Lost in Translation, Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Nanny Diaries, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and Hitchcock.

Meryl Streep | The Prom

With a net worth of over $160 million, Meryl Streep took a spot on Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses list in 2020. As per Forbes, she has earned $24 million each from her roles in The Prom and Little Women. Streep is known for her versatility as an actress. In 1979, she was awarded an Oscar for a confused mother in Kramer vs. Kramer. Subsequently, as a leading lady, she was also paired in movies alongside legendary actors such as Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, and Robert De Niro.

The depth of her acting skills became visible when she starred in The Devil Wears Prada and Into the Woods. Streep’s acting degree secured over 150 awards from major organizations, such as the AFI Life Achievement Award, the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Cecil B. Demille Award. There is no question that Streep is one of the model actresses of the previous generation who continues to inspire young talents today.

Melissa McCarthy | Ghostbusters

It took Melissa McCarthy almost twenty years before Hollywood success welcomed her. At one point in her life, she drowned in credit card debt and had to work odd jobs to make ends meet. Her lucky break arrived in 2011 in the movie Bridesmaids. From having a $5 bank account balance, she slowly rose to become Hollywood’s third highest-earning actress.

According to Forbes, in 2017, the sum of the top-earning actresses’ salaries totaled $172.5 million while the actors’ wages totaled $488.5 million; McCarthy, like Scarlet Johansson, is one of the leading figures who believe that they should have equal pay with their male counterparts. McCarthy’s earliest appearance on television was in the series Jenny. Her initial movie appearances were in Go, Drowning Mona, The Kid, and Charlie’s Angels. She had also started a production company, On the Day Productions, with her husband.

Gal Gadot | Red Notice

In 2020, Israeli star Gal Gadot ranked third on Forbes’ list of highest-earning actresses. Fans would assume that a big part of her earnings would take credit for her role in Wonder Woman 1984, but the money came from her role in a Netflix movie. With over 31.5$ million earned, $20 million is solely from starring in Red Notice, which will see a global release before 2021 ends. Gal Gadot will appear alongside Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Gadot had her earliest film credits when she starred in the fourth film of the Fast and Furious franchise. She became a DC comics superhero in 2016’s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice last 2016. A year later, Gadot proved herself as a box office superhero for her exceptional portrayal of Wonder Woman. Before being recognized as Wonder Woman, Gadot served in Israel’s army and won the Miss Israel title in 2004.

Angelina Jolie | Maleficent

The first people that usually come to mind when talking about action movies are Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, or Vin Diesel. However, the dominance of men is slowly getting overrun by competent women in the industry. One of these women in the action scene is Angelina Jolie. No one can question the talent and natural raw skill of Jolie’s performances on the big screens.

Angelina Jolie became one of the most talked-about celebrities for her roles in movies such as Gia, Hackers, Wanted, Salt, Gone in 60 Seconds, and the Tomb Raider movies. She continued to take leading credits in action-packed films such as Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Wanted, among others. In 2018, Jolie made it to Forbes’ list of highest-paid actresses 2018 for her role in the Maleficent franchise. Two years later, she took the top two spot in the same list, having earned $35.5 million for her role in The Eternals.

Jon Bon Jovi

Born John Francis Bongiovi Jr., or the ever-famous Jon Bon Jovi, is known as a singer-songwriter, record producer, philanthropist, and actor. He is famous as the face of the phenomenal rock band Bon Jovi. After having sold more than 120 million albums, Jon Bon Jovi is one of the highest-selling musicians in the world. In 2012, he took the 50th spot on Billboard Magazine’s Power 100 popular list of the most influential names in the music industry.

Aside from being a household name in the music industry, the rockstar also has credits in movies such as Moonlight and Valentino, The Leading Man, Destination Anywhere, Homegrown, Little City, and No Looking Back. Due to his success, the singer-actor started The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, which aims to alleviate poverty and help the homeless. Recently, Jon Bon Jovi received an honorary degree from Princeton University for his massive contributions.

Lady Gaga | A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born was a movie released in 2018 where it starred pop superstar Lady Gaga and Oscar-nominated actor Bradley Cooper. According to The Numbers, the film did very well at the box office, earning over $431 million worldwide, and nearly half of this came from domestic earnings. According to Nicki Swift, Lady Gaga pocketed an estimated salary of $5 to $10 million by starring in this big-screen project.

Yup, just for the role of Ally, and on top of that, she also earned nominations from the Academy Award: Best Actress and Best Original Song, winning the latter, which is also her first trophy from the award-giving body. Before turning into a promising actress, the world recognized her as a singer with numerous classic hits such as Bad Romance, Poker Face, and Born This Way. As of October 2020, Forbes revealed that Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, her real name, has a massive fortune amounting to $150 million.

Kevin Hart | Jumanji

He got his breakthrough popularity by appearing in the Undeclared TV series, handpicked by the famous filmmaker Judd Apatow. Because of his humor, delivery, including his meme-worthy facial expressions. Since then, his professional work as an actor blossomed, with numerous projects lining up just to cast him. One of which is the Jumanji franchise, where he played Franklin “Moose” Finbar and Fridge’s Avatar.

It’s uncertain how much he made from the two Jumanji movies he already made, but The Things suggested that he could easily earn “between $10-15 million.” Kevin is known as a touring comedian from where he does not just make people laugh and happy, but also his bank account. Apart from this screen project, he also starred in a handful of movies such as The Secret Life of Pets, Central Intelligence, and Scary Movie 4. No wonder his net worth sits prettily at $150 million.

Sofía Vergara | Modern Family

In 2020, Sofia became the highest-paid actress in the world, with jaw-dropping earnings of $43 million, according to Forbes. Also, she reportedly received at least $500,000 for every episode of the TV sitcom Modern Family. The show started in 2009, and she has been one of the main characters since then. Unfortunately, it had its conclusion in 2020, after 11 successful seasons.

The final season has 18 episodes, meaning she already secured at least $9 million, just for a single credit. Her out-of-this-world humor, candid personality, and honesty are some of the attributes that make people fall in love with her. Plus the accent, of course, we will not leave that one out. Aside from the long-running series, Sofia became one of the judges in the world-renowned talent show, America’s Got Talent, where she reportedly received at least $10 million per season.

Jennifer Lopez | Selena

Following her box office hit films such as Anaconda and The Wedding Planner, Women’s Health revealed that Jennifer Lopez started earning at least $9 million per film credit. Subsequently, by being one of the judges in American Idol, J.Lo reportedly pocketed between $12 and $20 million for every season.

In 1997, she also played one of the best roles in her career as Selena, the late Tejano singer in Selena, whereas according to IMDb, she received a salary of $1 million. That is why it’s not that surprising to know that her estimated net worth is $400 million. Lopez may have started her career in the entertainment industry as an actress, but her singing is arguably the talent that made her more popular and prosperous. Many might recognize countless hits like On The Floor, Jenny From The Block, and All I Have.

Jude Law | Sherlock Holmes

Jude has been in the acting industry for multiple decades. Like others, he started from the bottom, taking in significant roles and even with lesser pay. Now, with his persistence. His salary ranged from $8 million to $10 million for a single movie. In the film Sherlock Holmes in 2009, for example, he reportedly secured a $9 million paycheck for the role of Dr. John Watson.

That is why it wouldn’t be a surprise if he also received the same amount or more in the following film Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Apart from this film, he also made exceptional performances in Rise of the Guardians, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and Captain Marvel, the only movie in his catalog that earned more than a billion dollars yet. When it comes to his wealth, he is worth a stunning $65 million.

Emma Watson | Harry Potter

As a significant character in the Harry Potter film series, she received unfathomable fame and an incredible fortune. According to Celebrity Net Worth, then-nine-year-old Emma Watson accepted a total of $70 million in salaries for all eight installments. She reportedly earned between $15 to $20 million annually during the peak of the movie as mentioned above series, becoming one of the highest-earning actresses at that time.

Apart from Hermione Granger, she made another famous role that might forever receive links to her name. She is the first actress to play Bella in the live-action Beauty and The Beast film. The film became her second film ever to gross over $1 billion. For her appearance in this 2017 movie, Watson pocketed a massive $15 million paycheck. Other notable acting credits include Little Women and Noah. If you’re wondering how rich she is, Emma is worth $85 million.

Bradley Cooper | The Hangover II

It is astonishing how Bradley’s salary for a single film changed as his fame grew. According to Cheatsheet, he initially received $600,000 for the first installment of The Hangover. Luckily, because of its success, he had the power to negotiate better pay, which he did, because, in The Hangover II, he pocketed nearly ten times of his first paycheck — $5 million. Nowadays, taking $15 to $20 million is easy for him, considering his status as an actor.

Aside from being an exceptional actor, he also proved that he has a voice that could reach the chart’s top. Yup, we’re referring to Shallow, one of the soundtracks in his 2017 movie A Star Is Born, with her leading lady Lady Gaga. As the producer, actor, and director for this movie, he reportedly dropped $36 million to make this happen. Consequently, his bold risk turned into a profitable investment as it accumulated $437 million worldwide gross.

Chris Evans | Avengers: Endgame

As the first Avenger, it’s pretty surprising that he left the role for good, more so for the fans. Guess even a higher paycheck is somehow insufficient. Although he cannot reasonably claim the highest-paid actor status in the lead ensemble of Avengers: Endgame, The Things revealed that he collected a salary amounting to $20 million. Yup, just for this installment alone. Just think of how much he made for Avengers: Infinity War, probably a little less or just the same.

Of course, it’s also worth mentioning some of the movie credits where he doesn’t have to bring a metallic shield. These are the 2017 movies Gifted, Fantastic Four, another superhero role, and Knives Out. Since his character as Captain America, a.k.a Steve Rogers, was cut off, per his decision, it’s uncertain what he will do next, but his fans indeed are waiting.

Paul Rudd | Avenger: Endgame

As part of the stellar cast, he indeed received an astonishing paycheck for his participation, which he did. The Things disclosed that Rudd obtained a massive salary of $8 million for Avengers: Endgame, a single release. Imagine how much money he has accumulated for Avengers: Infinity War and his stand-alone films Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp. One thing is for sure, a seven-digit paycheck straight to his deep pockets. More importantly, Rudd has the potential to appear in future Marvel films due to his character not receiving any limelight in the past.

Consequently, because of his investment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, he joined the group of the highest-grossing actors in the industry, with more than $10 billion worldwide across all his acting credits. No wonder he garnered a stunning net worth valued at $70 million. Apart from MCU, Paul also starred in various blockbuster films, including the Night at the Museum, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, and Monsters vs. Aliens.

Daniel Radcliffe | Harry Potter

His name will be forever tied with Harry Potter, considering that it is the primary reason many people know him. Also, it is the most significant contributor to his jaw-dropping wealth. For starters, he started playing the famous role in the first installment, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, released in 2001, where he reportedly received a whopping $1 million. Yup, he earned that much as a then-eleven-year-old kid.

His salary grew tremendously, especially in the last two movies, where he pocketed $50 million. Consequently, the degree of popularity of the series resulted in it accumulating a worldwide gross of more than $7.7 billion across eight separate releases. More importantly, this is why it is considered one of the highest-grossing film series in history. Conversely, according to the famous Celebrity Net Worth, the total amount that Radcliffe has received from the series was at least $100 million. As of 2021, his net worth is $110 million.

Idris Elba | Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

Idris is among the most bankable actors in Hollywood nowadays; no wonder he was cast to play a role in the MCU. However, his participation in the 2019 film Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw could be one of the most profitable projects he has yet done. According to GQ, Idris acquired a whopping paycheck of $8 million, he didn’t make as much as Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson, but with this figure alone, he could live a life free of mortgage a very long time.

Apart from this movie, he also made outstanding performances in numerous box office hits, including Pacific Rim, Zootopia, and The Jungle Book. According to credible Celebrity Net Worth, Idris has a stellar fortune of $30 million, expected to manifest in the coming years, considering he still has numerous acting projects lined up. Indeed, the actor is one of the immediate prospects for lead roles in the industry today.

Robert Pattinson | The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I & II

No other film, just yet, can surpass the fame and fortune that Robert has received from The Twilight Saga. In case you’re living somewhere remote, he played the role of Edward Cullen here, who is an immortal vampire. The series came in five releases starting from Twilight, released in 2008, until The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II. Celebrity Net Worth revealed that he pocketed a base salary of $25 million, excluding the backend revenues he received.

After starring as a vampire, he received an offer to star as Bruce Wayne, Batman. Other notable acting credits in his catalog are two Harry Potter films: The Order of the Phoenix and the fan-favorite, The Goblet of Fire, while he subsequently appeared in the 2020 film, Tenet. No wonder his net worth is $100 million. More importantly, media sources are excited to know what his fortune will look like after the Batman movie goes official.

Kristen Stewart | The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I & II

Moving on, we go from Robert Pattinson to the leading lady of the show, Kristen Stewart. These two are inseparable when it comes to the works they poured into making The Twilight Saga. After learning how much the former has made, it’s fair to know that she also made a fortune off it. Her biggest payday throughout the series was $25 million, base salary, excluding the 7.5 percent backend royalties for the two last installments.

Apart from this film series, Kristen also starred in several movies such as Jumper and Snow White and the Huntsman, where she reportedly collected a whopping paycheck of $9 million. Moreover, Kristen also banked a massive payday with the reboot of Charlie’s Angels. No wonder she was able to purchase a $6 million estate in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her investment in the entertainment industry gave her a hefty net worth amounting to $70 million.

Don Cheadle | Avengers: Endgame

If you didn’t notice, just like we do, Don is originally not part of the Iron Man cast or even any MCU film. His role of Lt. Col. James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes, also known as War Machine, was initially portrayed by Terrence Howard, but because of the problems that occurred, which turned into blessings for him, he got the role. For his participation in the stellar cast of the Avengers: Endgame, Cheadle pocketed an overwhelming salary of $1 million, despite the amount of work the War Machine actor poured.

According to The Things, he only earned between $4 to 7 million for the six films he appeared in, substantially smaller than what Bradley Cooper received — $57 million, despite not even showing his pretty face, just his voice as Rocket. Apart from wearing a metallic suit like Iron Man, he also has acting credits in various blockbuster films, including Ocean’s Eleven, Rush Hour 2, and Traffic.

Chris Pratt | Guardians of the Galaxy

Avengers: Endgame is the second highest-grossing film of all time, and luckily, he was there. Other cast members such as Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr. received tens of millions of dollars, but his’ undisclosed. However, when he first received an introduction in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the first iteration of Guardians of the Galaxy film in 2014, he reportedly agreed to star by bringing home a whopping $1.5 million check. In 2016, Chris collected a jaw-dropping $12 million salary by starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence in the Passengers.

He certainly has accumulated mountains of dollars because he participated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unlike the other Chris — Evans — Pratt still has movies lined up, specifically Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. Also, the high-grossing Jurassic World film franchise exists comfortably in his catalog, together with Wanted and The Lego Movie.

Zoe Saldana | Guardians of the Galaxy

When talking about mega-blockbusters, three movies quickly come to mind –James Cameron’s 2009 fantasy adventure film Avatar and the last two Avengers movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU, Infinity War and End Game. More than being mega-blockbusters, their box-office earnings surpass $2 billion. And an actress to have benefited in all three of these movies is Zoe Saldana. She played Neytiri in Avatar and Gamora in the MCU.

Surprisingly enough, in 2014, when Zoe initially landed the role of Gamore on the Guardians of the Galaxy, she was only paid $100,000. People might consider her getting underpaid, knowing the film grossed $772 million. However, we can only give Marvel’s studio the benefit of the doubt that they have other investments in line for the actress. After all, she will be reprising the role of Gemora in 2023. More importantly, Zoe is still in her prime and will indeed reprise many lead roles in the foreseeable future.

Andy Serkis | The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings is New Zealand’s pride as one of the most successful film franchises in history. Moreover, in between the three movie releases, the franchise has won 17 Academy Awards. And to say that the cast and crew have worked hard to achieve such a feat may be an understatement. Reports say that tons of injuries occurred during the filming of the movies.

All three of the LOTR movies have a combined budget of $300 million, and all had a combined gross of over $2 billion in the box office. As such, it’s pretty safe to say that the producers and studio had their investments worth. And who got paid the most? It may come as a surprise, but Andy Serkis, the actor who played Smeagol/Gollum, was paid $1 million, trumping Viggo Mortensen and Elijah Woods. Indeed, underestimated actors like Andy deserve all the success and wealth they have right now.

Samuel L. Jackson | Marvel Cinematic Universe

Samuel L. Jackson is one if not the most prominent black actor in Hollywood. He rose to fame back in the ’80s and has been on a long list of blockbusters since then. Throughout his colorful career, Jackson has appeared in over 150 films. Among them are Goodfellas, Jurassic Park, Snakes on a Plane, Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, and Django Unchained.

Jackson has also been given credit for being one of the richest actors in the industry. As of 2021, he has an estimated personal fortune of $250 million. And his box office success grosses an average of $89.9 million per film. Moreover, he is a savvy negotiator and saw reports to receive $4 million to $6 million for each time he appears as Nick Fury in any Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. More importantly, even if his roles require only seconds of screentime, he still receives millions.

George Clooney | Ocean’s Eleven

George Clooney has been around the Hollywood industry for quite some time now. He is a veteran actor with three Golden Globes and two Academy Awards to his credit. An A-Lister rose to fame back in the ’80s and ’90s, starring in the series ER and films such as Dusk Til Dawn and Out of Sight. Recently, the 60-year-old actor has an estimated net worth of $500 million and is amongst the richest actors in Hollywood.

At the height of the popularity of ER, Clooney saw reports to receive $100,000 per episode, and his film career earned him at least $200 million. His highest paycheck was in Ocean’s 11, where he received $20 million among his blockbusters. In 2017, Forbes named Clooney the highest-paid actor of the year despite not appearing in any films. His tequila company named Casamigos earned him at least $233 million when he sold it to Diageo.

Jennifer Aniston | The Morning Show

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most commercially successful actresses of all time. She started in the industry back in the late ’80s and would eventually rocket to international popularity as Rachel Green in the sitcom Friends. The series premiered in 1994 and aired until 2004. The show remains a classic to this day, and at the height of its commercial success, the main cast, including Aniston, was famously paid $1 million per episode.

The sitcom also earns them royalties that could reach up to $20 million per year. Indeed, Aniston sits comfortably on a passively-paying career that will provide for her through many years. As of 2021, Aniston is 52 years old and remains active in the industry. One of her recent investments is on the series The Morning Show on Apple TV. Reports say that she and her co-star Reese Witherspoon earns $1.25 million per episode, trumping her previous hefty salary from Friends.

Julia Roberts | Mona Lisa Smile

Julia Roberts is amongst the distinguished stars of Hollywood. She started her career in the late ’80s with her first film appearance in the dramedy Satisfaction, where she starred alongside Jason Bateman and Liam Neeson. A couple of years later, she rose to a degree of international fame in the film Pretty Woman, which grossed over $3.8 billion in the box office worldwide. Since then, the Notting Hill actress has established herself to be one of the most bankable actresses in the industry.

Nowadays, Julia is 53 years old, and she has amassed an impressive net worth estimated at $140 million. Through the years, she has undoubtedly raked in millions for her commercial pull as an actress. Her biggest paychecks were in Mona Lisa Smile, where the actress took home $25 million, and in Erin Brockovich, she got paid $20 million. The latter of which, she also earned an Academy Award for her iconic performance.

Demi Moore | Striptease

Demi Moore established her career to be amongst the most prominent figures in Hollywood. She is a veteran of the industry and rose to international fame back in the ’80s and ’90s. She has earned millions in the box office and has received tons of esteemed awards to her credit through the years. Among them is an Emmy Award, two Golden Globes, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Today, the 58-year-old actress has three children and has an impressive net worth of $200 million. A bulk of which, no doubt, comes from her acting career. She was even named the Highest-Paid Woman in Films by Guinness Book of World Records back in 1996 when she took home $12.5 million for her performance in the movie Striptease. Following that year, she was paid $11.4 million in the film G.I. Jane. Although she hasn’t been very active in the industry, she still earns millions through endorsement deals.

Jennifer lawrence | The Hunger Games

Over the recent decade, Jennifer Lawrence rose to astronomical popularity and success in Hollywood. She slowly garnered exposure during the late 2000s, starring in the sitcom The Bill Engvall Show. In 2010, the actress made a career breakthrough with the success of the critically-acclaimed drama Winter’s Bone. She then broke through mainstream popularity by playing Mystique in the superhero franchise X-Men and Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. More importantly, Lawrence is still relatively early into her career, giving rise to the possibility of even more high-paying roles in the near future.

Lawrence boasts of having films to her credit, grossing over $6 billion in box office sales worldwide. She takes consideration as one of the most influential figures in pop culture and being the highest-paid actress in 2015 and 2016. According to Forbes, the actress took home a portion of The Hunger Games’ $653.4 million profit: Mockingjay Part 2. All in all, the franchise was reported to have grossed $2.97 billion worldwide.

Nicole Kidman | The Undoing

Nicole Kidman is an Australian actress who rose to fame in the ’90s. Her humble beginnings were during the early ’80s when she starred in films such as Bush Christmas and BMX Bandits. And before the end of that decade, the actress landed a role in a miniseries titled Bangkok Hilton. In 1990, she finally made her American debut when she starred opposite Tom Cruise in the Tony Scott film Days of Thunder. Since then, Nicole has succeeded exponentially and garnered a degree of esteem comparable to the greatest celebrities of our time.

As of late, the 54-year-old actress has amassed an impressive net worth of $250 million. Indeed, there is no question that the majority of her income comes from her acting career. Those in the know say that she gets paid an eight-figure paycheck for each film role. Her 2020 film, The Prom, was no exception. Moreover, she also starred in the miniseries The Undoing, where she raked in at least $1 million per episode.

Charlize Theron | Bombshell

Charlize Theron might be the best actress of recent decades. She is a South African who had her start back in the ’90s. Her Hollywood career sky-rocketed following the commercial success of blockbusters such as The Italian Job, The Devil’s Advocate, Monster, and North Country, among many others. Today, the actress is 46 years old, and her career has brought heaps of fortune amounting to an estimated net worth of $160 million.

Moreover, through her years in the industry, she has received multiple accolades such as the prestigious Golden Globe Award, the elusive Screen Actors Guild Award, and the quintessential Academy Award. In 2019, she received her 3rd Oscar nomination for her performance in the film Bombshell. To her credit, reports say that Charlize took home $23 million for accepting the movie role. Interestingly, the Bombshell actress does not seem to have plans on retiring anytime soon, making the fans excited for her future projects.

Kate Winslet | Titanic

Titanic is one of James Cameron’s epics and was said to have earned $2.2 billion worldwide in the box office. It was quite a hefty profit considering the film’s budget investments of $210 million. And the star of the romantic movie Kate Winslet, who played the role of Rose Dewitt Bukater, Was said to have been paid $2 million. Though her paycheck for the film is unverified, we can be confident that its commercial success virtually launched her prolific career to what it is today.

The British actress is highly regarded, by critics, as the preeminent actress of her generation, having won three BAFTAs, four Golden Globes, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, and an Academy Award to her name. Kate is also known for starring in indie films and for acting in serialized dramas. Moreover, she was also appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire back in 2012.

Sarah Jessica Parker | Sex and the City

Sex and the City took the TV industry by storm during the late ’90s. It premiered in 1998, and HBO’s investments and commercial success took it to six strong seasons. The story revolved around four women in their mid-30s and how they lived their lives in New York. Sarah Jessica Parker played the role of Carrie Bradshaw. Sarah was the center of the show, and reports say that during the first three seasons, Sarah received a total of $50 million, while during the last three, she took home $3.2 million per episode.

All in all, the show earned her over $200 million. Moreover, she also took home massive paychecks in the two feature films of the series. Sarah was paid $15 million for the first and $20 million for its sequel. Last year, HBO announced that they would be funding a reboot of Sex and the City. A report recently discussed that it would see a renaming to And Just Like That and star the original prominent cast members.

Reese Witherspoon | The Morning Show

Reese Witherspoon takes the regard as one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. She has indeed come a long way coming from her iconic roles in films such as Legally Blonde and Cruel Intentions. Reports say that Reese took home $250,000 investment money for her performance in Cruel Intentions and her first multi-million paycheck in Legally Blonde. The two films didn’t only elevate her popularity; they also set precedence for the bankable star power caliber she has established for her career.

In the movie Sweet Home, Reese was paid $12.5 million and $15 million for Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde. In more recent projects, the actress raked in about $1 million per episode in the second season of Little Big Lies. Moreover, her show on Apple TV, titled The Morning Show, pays her $1.25 per episode. We can also expect her to get another big payday in Legally Blonde 3, which will be released quickly in the coming years.

Courteney Cox | Friends

FRIENDS is, without a doubt, one if not the most successful television sitcoms of all time. Since premiering in 1994, the comedy series has earned around $1.4 billion and makes more today. Of course, the show’s legendary cast also took home a handsome amount of income, including Courteney Cox. Out of the show’s six main actors, Cox came in second as the highest-paid cast member.

The actress’ paycheck wasn’t that stellar at the beginning of the series, receiving only around $22,000 per episode. However, the cast member’s salaries started to pick up during the second season, with a paycheck amounting to $100,000 per episode. By the time the series approached its final legs, Cox and his co-stars were already receiving a whopping $1 million per episode. More importantly, this, coupled with Cox’s endorsements and investments, allowed her to have a net worth of about $120 million.

Roseanne Barr | Roseanne

Roseann Barr is an American actress widely known for portraying the titular character Roseanne in the 1980s sitcom of the same name. The series is given credit for being one of the first sitcoms to explore the actual day-to-day life of a middle-class American family. Apart from catapulting its cast members to fame, the show also provided its actors with a handsome paycheck. According to reports, Barr received $250,000 per episode for the show’s first season.

She appeared in nine episodes, making her earnings around $2.25 million. After the success of the pilot season, Barr and her co-stars started getting higher and higher salaries. By the time they reached their final season, the actress was earning close to $1 million per episode. Moreover, there were reports that Barr made a total of $21 million from the show’s final season alone! Indeed, Barr is setting the bar high for upcoming young talents that wish to make it in the industry today.

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